Samara is a seedling of a maple tree. And like the samara’s transformation to a grand maple tree, every small business
has the potential for powerful growth.
Our mission - High quality. On time. Within your budget.
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Our goal is to help you to grow your business and market your product or service by assisting you with the development and implementation of customized marketing plans and tactics.

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Our vision is to be your virtual marketing specialist and provide marketing expertise to enable you to focus your valuable time and effort on your core business.

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As your virtual marketing specialist, samara marketing is a solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking marketing services to grow their business on a lean budget.

samara marketing offers expertise and hands-on assistance across a broad range of marketing services. Our team has international experience on both the agency and client side of marketing, across many industries.

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Andrea Svecova - Founder
As a child, I spent hours reading books and doing arts and crafts. Gradually, I've developed love and appreciation for different forms of visual art. Studying international trade at a high school opened doors to the business world and when I took my first marketing course at a university, I knew I found my calling. After  university, I started my marketing career as a strategic planner in a large advertising agency. The most important lesson I learned in this job was realization that a successful marketer is a little bit business women, a little bit artist and a little bit  psychologist and sociologist.

During my career, I’ve held various marketing and sales positions with European, Canadian and multinational companies including Soria & Grey advertising agency, Striessnig Wien, Starbucks, and Nuheat Industries. From these experiences I've gained valuable insight into marketing, advertising, sales and retail management. As a marketing professional I've been responsible for coordination and execution of various marketing initiatives including digital marketing, product launches, marketing collateral development and production, trade show execution, and merchandising. My expertise is founded through a combination of hands-on work and continuing education. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Communications. In addition, I have obtained certificates in e-marketing, digital analytics and digital communications.

One of the reasons I founded samara marketing is my genuine interest in helping people. It always gave me pleasure to give marketing advice to my friends who are small business owners. It has inspired me to start my own business and offer my marketing expertise to other small business owners  who can't afford to have an internal full-time marketing specialist on staff but need hands on assistance with marketing.

If you are a small business owner and think my marketing and business expertise might help you grow your company and fulfill your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.